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Custom Homes: Ultra Custom Construction
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Similar to custom construction but with more exotic finish materials, specialty order items, one of a kind architecture may have several rooms added with specific functions in mind, i.e. den, office, game room, green house, shop, guest cottage, pool house, studio, etc.
Normally on a large scenic lot with limited or controlled access.
Almost always includes complete landscape which acts as an extension of the home.
Pool, spa, tennis court, garden paths, retaining walls, patios, decks, exterior structures, and other hardscapes are common.
Complete drainage, irrigation, plantings, sod, ground cover, etc.
No loose ends of future projects left for homeowner to complete.
These projects are time consuming and demand quite a bit of interaction with homeowner. Normally the finished project is a reflection of the specific tastes and need of the homeowner.
Note: Landscaping should be 10%-15% of the project costs.
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